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What to Wear to Your Senior Portraits

Before your session...

Put a few outfits together that you can bring along with you. The more varieties you have, the better as it gives us more options when selecting backgrounds and styling the look for your session.

During your session...

You will need to change quickly so it helps if your outfits are already organized on hangers when you get to your session. Having everything ready to go will also ensure that you get more time in front of the camera. Select clothing you like and that fits you well, otherwise your discomfort will show in your portraits.

Wardrobe Tips and What to Wear

For the Ladies

  1. Don’t shy away from flowing skirts and heels, they make for great photos but there are a multitude of clothing and shoe combinations that work really well too. It’s dependent on what you feel comfortable in.
  2. Bring along a few clips and pins if your hair has a tendancy to fall onto your face. Whatever hairstyles you decide on, make sure that you can also quickly switch between them when you need to, otherwise you will have less time in front of the camera.
  3. Make sure your nails look neat for your session and avoid any bright or distracting styles and colors.
  4. If you will be wearing glasses in your photos, opt for a pair without lenses to avoid a glare.
  5. Try choosing jewelry and accessories that will work with most of your outfits to avoid additional wardrobe changes. It’s also important that your jewelry doesn’t distract from you.
  6. Make sure your undergarments won’t show through your outfits and that you have a strapless bra available if necessary.

Senior Portraits with Flowers

For the Guys

  1. If you have longer hair, it’s important that it stays out of your eyes during the shoot. It’s advisable not to make any drastic changes to your hairstyle before the shoot.
  2. Try staying away from gym shoes and flip flops. Bring a pair of casual and dressier shoes along that you can interchange.
  3. A cleanly shaven face makes for much better pictures
  4. Avoid shirts that feature graphics on them and it’s always best to bring along a dark or gray t-shirt to wear under other shirts if necessary.

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